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Kalamath Farms

We do the work - You get the credit

Welcome to Kalamath Farms

an adventure in sustainable gardening, edible landscapes, and outdoor living rooms


Let Kalamath Farms help maximize enjoyment of your garden, patio or balcony. We can tackle a specific project or provide a personalized maintenance plan from a full range of available services

Garden Installation

  • Annual & perennial plantings
  • Vegetable & herb plantings
  • Drip irrigation systems

Ornamental Garden Maintenance
(weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, on demand)

  • Weeding & deadheading
  • Pruning and shaping (trees excluded)
  • Dividing & transplanting
  • Winter watering

Vegetable Garden Maintenance
(weekly, bi-weekly, on demand)

  • Weeding & Spent Plant Material Cleanup
  • Pest and Disease Inspection
  • Irrigation check
  • Staking and tying

Seasonal Services

  • Spring cleanup
  • Soil amending, top dressing, and mulching
  • Fall cleanup
  • Irrigation blowout

Landscape Construction

  • Raised bed installation
  • Edging, minor regrading and retaining
  • Patio & walk installation (Pavers & Flagstone)
  • Turf removal

Gardening Consultation

  • Planting & layout design
  • Water conservation
  • Attracting beneficial insects, butterflies,
     and other desirable visitors

Container Gardening

  • Annual arrangements
  • Vegetables (individual, arrangements, self¬≠contained hydroponic)
  • Holiday displays

Vertical Gardens

  • Soil based
  • Hydroponic